Patients report that…

Leah is a gifted and experienced Chinese Medical Doctor. I started seeing her a few months ago with terrible fatigue. After the first session of acupuncture and herbs I began to feel better, and my health has been continuously improving. I now have a new baseline of physical and mental energy and I am getting better and better. I love working with Leah because she really listens and cares about my symptoms and progress each week. She customizes the treatment and herbs each time and really cares about my health and wellbeing. She is the perfect balance of professional, intuitive, and warm. Highly recommended.  ~ East Bay Patient  YELP REVIEW

For anyone with diabetes wanting to find an alternative to prescription pills I can wholeheartedly recommend the acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist, Leah Mazel in Berkeley. When I started seeing Leah I had been diagnosed as diabetic and my blood sugar was in the high 100’s (for which I was taking insulin), I had long term issues with my blood pressure (which I controlled with medication for eight years), and I terrible symptoms from colitis for which I was taking Asacol. In short, I was a walking mess. Four months later I no longer take insulin and my b/sugar is regularly below 100, my b/pressure is 117 over 65 (the lowest in years and my medication has been reduced to a bare minimum), and I no longer have colitis! I’ve always been a believer in Chinese herbs and acupuncture and so seeing Leah wasn’t a stretch, but the results have gone way beyond what even I expected! Contact Leah, she’s wonderful.  ~ Michael F.

I went to see Leah based on a recommendation from my cousin. Thinking in conventional medicine terms, I initially sought out Leah to treat certain physical ailments I was experiencing. While her treatments helped with my physical ailments, I had no idea of the effect they would have on my whole body/mind experience! Between the acupuncture and the herbal therapies I found that my whole body and mind were being altered and brought more into balance with one another. Leah treated several symptoms of stress on my body, things that she assessed from interviewing me about everything from sleep and eating habits, to organ health. Since going to Leah, I have noticed big improvements with how my body behaves physically, but I also now find that I am able to focus on and express myself artistically like never before! Emotionally, I feel better, too. I am convinced her treatments have treated and improved the whole person, not just one or two physical symptoms. As the result of my treatments with Leah, I feel like my whole body is in better all-around sync, or harmony.  ~ Miles B.  YELP REVIEW

I came to Dr. Mazel-Gee with over a decade of stomach and digestion issues. I was immediately put at ease by her personally, and taken by her confidence that we could resolve my problems. Within weeks of beginning treatment, I began to experience results, and have continued to improve since.  ~ Ben C.

I am 21 years old and have struggled with rheumatoid arthritis for several years. Within five visits with Dr. Mazel-Gee my joints were feeling better and my overall energy improved. What’s more important, though, is the confidence she has given me that I can manage my illness through natural means. Her kindness and generosity make me feel supported and cared for.  ~ Chelsea R.

I am a musician and have suffered off and on over 15 years with Meniere’s Syndrome. I have had vertigo, tinnitus [ear ringing], headaches, and hearing loss. Western Medicine offered me no relief. The herbs from Leah helped to get my balance back and get back on track with my life.  ~ Robin D.

I feel complete confidence in Leah’s mastery of Chinese Medicine and completely cared for, as well. I have no doubt that she is committed to my well being. Having had lousy sleep for countless years her treatments have made a big difference in the rest that I get at night. No small feat.  ~ Jenny F.

Hi all! I have been very impressed with Leah Mazel at the Holistic Chinese Medicine Center. I am not usually a person who eagerly embraces “non traditional” methods, however after seeing four doctors, i was at my wits end with a terrible skin condition. I went to see Leah as a “last resort.” WOW, i have been very happy with the results. My skin conditions have improved, but , more importantly, i have begun to feel much better both physically and mentally, both of which help me come to terms with my skin! The sessions are very relaxing, which surprised me, and she customizes the herb mixture each week to my current physical conditions. In addition, she recommends other vitamins which might help. She is very knowledgeable and professional, and i look forward to my appointment every week!  ~ East Bay Patient

I’m impressed. I took a while to research finding an acupuncturist with a lot of experience. I usually have good luck when using referrals provided in the Berkeley Parents Network website. After reading positive and very thorough reviews on several therapists, I settled with checking out the Holistic Chinese Medicine Center. After the first session, pain in my foot was gone, my nagging desire to eat sweets and over eat food was ELIMINATED, my shoulder pain from a minor torn rotator cuff was almost gone and my ability to focus improved. The acupuncturist, Leah Mazel-Gee, is very nice and gentle. The herb powder that she prescribed has definitely helped in quelling my food addictions. It’s almost too unreal to believe that this could be possible. I have two more visits scheduled, and feel confident that this may be the beginning of the end of visiting traditional doctors for regular aches and pains.  ~ East Bay Patient  YELP REVIEW

Leah has been studying Chinese Herbal Medicine for over 30 years and is an expert in her field. She can help with migraines, and other physical pains that are not normally treated by Western Medicine. I have been to a number of her presentations and have always found her helpful and informative.  ~ Ernie M.

Leah is helping me recover my health — quickly and dramatically — when no one else I had seen could. She is extremely knowledgeable, effective, and smart. I chose her out of all the acupuncturists in the Berkeley / Oakland area because she has 30+ years of experience in Chinese medicine, and I knew that I needed someone with that kind of experience.
        I had been struggling with what I finally had to break down and call chronic fatigue (after many tests to try to diagnose the problem — ruling out Lupus, Lyme disease, cancer, diabetes ... the list goes on) for three years. I was frequently exhausted to the point of feeling very sick, and exercise (which I love) only made it worse. I hated not being able to work out without knowing that hours later I would be too sick to do anything. I was often cranky, angry, and frustrated that even though I ate very well (real food, good vitamins - no processed foods, no sugar, no dairy, no wheat) and got enough sleep, still I was exhausted and sick almost all the time. I just wasn’t enjoying my life like I used to, and I was feeling old before my time.
        I had gone to two acupuncturists, and knew that it helped. I decided to try to find one of the top acupuncturists in the area, someone who had been practicing for not just years but for decades. And I found her. Leah Mazel Gee is without a doubt in my mind one of the best in the Bay Area. I am getting better. It feels like a freakin’ miracle. I always feel fantastic after an acupuncture session, and the herbs she gives me are AMAZING. I can actually feel the herbs restoring my energy an d vitality. I’m feeling like myself again for the first time in years. I’ve still got a ways to go, but I am now certain that I will fully recover my health. That is not something that I was at all certain I’d ever be able to say. If you’re struggling with something that you feel no one has been able to help you with, try Leah. I’m pretty sure she can help you cure what ails you — she certainly has with me.  ~ Anna B.  YELP REVIEW

Fantastic experience. I have been struggling with a low thyroid and have tried western approaches when a book I read recommended acupuncture. I was lucky to find Leah. She definitely knows what she is doing. She is patient and calm and encouraging. After the first session my energy was noticeably improved, and she has me taking herbs as well. I have had 3 more appointments and I feel optimistic and committed to this process. I encourage everyone to give alternative medicine a try and highly recommend Leah!!  ~ Kim W.  YELP REVIEW

Leah Mazel at the Holistic Chinese Medicine Center is an amazing healer. I went to her with a knee injury. She was so thorough on the initial visit that she discovered other health issues that I had not expected to have addressed. I had had asthma and sinus problems for the past 18 years. She asked me if I would like to have her treat those, as well. I certainly did! In only one month of taking her treatments and using some Chinese herbs at home, I went from not being able to lie down to sleep (truly, I had to sleep in a lounge chair) to being able to lie down. My sleep and my breathing have become so much more restful...till now, I don’t even say that I have asthma anymore. I have a little sinus congestion when I’m in cold weather. But it’s nothing like I used to have. I am continuing treatment at this point to even get that to 99% better. Right now, I would say that my sinus issues are 70% better. The asthma is gone; no more meds for me! Dr. Mazel has a very relaxed and caring manner with me as her patient. She has also been very good at helping to guide some of the lifestyle choices that could help me. She does it in a very non-judgemental way. I am so happy with the treatment and how much stronger I am getting. I have sent my brother and two friends to her already. They are about as happy as I am! I only wish I had found her years ago, but now I will just go forward. By the way, the knee problem has long since resolved.  ~ Jane G.

I’ve been seeing Leah for over a year for various issues. I had abdominal surgery 6 months ago and have been getting treatments and herbs that have helped me immensely. I have healed fast and well and my energy is great. My allergies and headaches are gone. Leah spends time learning about you and your needs. She knows both the needles and the herbs and she takes good care of you!  ~ Andrea B.

My experience with Leah has been extremely positive. I find her ability to listen extraordinary and the combination of acupuncture and herbs provides me with a level of energy that supports my very busy and demanding days. Her talent reduces my stress. Leah is a healer and her skill goes way beyond the technical. She can tune into the body. You might say that after a session with Leah, you have had a tune-up!  ~ Margaretta M.